Police Arrest Delco Male For Olney Area Murder

by Alex Lloyd Gross

June 27, 2023

Police announced they have made an arrest in the murder of  Tina Arroyo a 32-year-old female from the 95xx block of Hoff St. She was found shot to death while sitting in  her car on the 500 block of E. Loudon St, which is near Olney. This happened  on July 24, 2023 when officers got a call for gunshots.



They found that Arroyo  had been shot multiple times thought her head and body. She was pronounced at the scene by medics about 6:05 PM. Today, police announced that they have arrested Alexander Grady of Macdade Boulevard, in Delaware County  and have charged him with murder and gun related offenses.


Police did not release a motive or a reason for the shooting. It is unknown if the two knew each other.