Vice President Kamala Harris Brings Union Workers Good News In Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug. 8, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris came to the Somerton section of Philadelphia.  She was there to tell workers at the Finishing Trades Institute that they might be getting a raise.  The union training facility, locating on Hornig Road was the site of where President Joe Biden made his remarks just a few short months ago, when he addressed the budget.



Harris was upbeat, bringing Acting Labor Secretary  Julie Su .They both praised the importance of hard work and union values. “When union wages go up, everyone’s wages go up” Harris said.  She kept reiterating that all work has value and all work is important.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley Vice President Harris speaks before a small crowd at the union hall

Talk is cheap. Harris  and her boss, President Joe Biden did not overrule the Senate Parliamentarian in January 2021 when an effort was made to raise the Federal Minimum Wage  If you recall, it was taken out of the American Rescue Plane.  Meanwhile some workers in America toil away at jobs that pay $7.25/hr  to $9.00/hr.




Harris came to town and used the  the Davis-Bacon Act to increase prevailing wages for construction workers on federally funded projects. Harris said the move could raise a heavy equipment operator’s wage in Allegheny Country from $17 an hour to $28 an hour.

Harris touted the work done on I-95 and credited the workers who were getting the job done ahead of schedule.  She spoke in Northeast Philadelphia for about 20 minutes.  When she was done, she shook hands with a few people then left to check on a construction project on I-95 at the Betsy Ross Bridge.

Traffic was backed up and detoured for miles due to her motorcade.