Gang Robs Philadelphia( Franklin) Mills Jewelry Store Of Diamonds


ALEX LLOYD GROSS PHOTO-DELAWARE VALLEYNEWS.COM Employees are comforted outside the mall  after getting pepper sprayed.


by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 19,2023

It was about 7:15PM tonight when four males walking into the Javier The Jeweler shop located in the Philadelphia Mills Mall. They were not there to shop. They were there to steal what they could. Some were armed with sledgehammers and smashed cases containing expensive diamonds. While they were doing that, others were busy spraying pepper spray at employees.



They scooped up what authorities said were hundreds of thousands of jewelry and ran out of the store.  They ran south through the mall, police said and into a waiting vehicle, that spirited them into the night. The victims were gagging on the chemical agent and some were busy dousing themselves with water , some males taking off their shirts, to get away from the affects. They were brought out of the mall and given more water and fresh air.



Police were called and could only look at video, which there is plenty of. The mall has a decent amount of cameras and license plate readers that police can use to track the vehicle. Should they come into Bensalem, the township had license plate readers and cameras at strategic areas in the township.