Two Different Gangs Of Thieves Wanted By Warminster Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 25, 2023



There has been an uptick in the amount of shoplifting going on in this area. Warminster Police said that on two different occasions,  Two different crews hit stores in the township to steal. These thieves were not stealing from the store,  they were stealing from the stores customers.


When ladies go into a store to shop,they will , at times place their purse in the shopping cart  and open it, or leave it opened while in hangs on their shoulder.  It is easier to check coupons or shopping lists.  That is when thieves strike, police said. One will distract the target, with a question or comment drawing them away from their cart. The other will walk to the cart, reach in and take a wallet from the purse, or “accidentally” bump into the shopper, while removing their wallet.  That person will very quickly hand off the stolen goods to a third person. The trio will then walk briskly away and leave the area.  By the time the victim notices the theft, they pick pocket crew is long gone.



This happened twice in the township. On June 29,2023. After stealing the wallet, the trio used the victims stolen credit cards at a different store.  The theft happened at the Costco, police said.  Again, on July 22, 2023 the same MO was used . Police just released the photos this week.  They are looking for help in identifying anyone that is involved.  You can contact them at (215) 443-5000 to give information. You can remain anonymous.


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