Two hurt In Holmesburg Crash

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Two people went to local hospitals in serious condition, after a crash on the 8300 block of Frankford Avenue. This crash happened today just after 3:00 PM.

Police said that one female drove south on Frankford at a high rate of speed,when she clipped a northbound car. Her car then veered out of control and slammed into several used cars for sale, before slamming against a utility pole. The cars, which were for sale on the Holmesburg Auto Sales lot were totaled, workers said at the scene while surveying the damage.

That lot has several fence bollards linked with a chain. The force of the crash ripped the chains and bollards out of the concrete. No pedestrians were hurt, police said.

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1 thought on “Two hurt In Holmesburg Crash

  1. Every time I get in my car I know I’m sounding a little strong but I look like I have tourette syndrome I look around I’m telling you my head is almost spinning even if I’m on a straight highway…. the turnpike or 95 ,my head is spinning looking around to see who’s next to me who’s in back to me mostly who’s in front of me because people have been slamming their brakes on….. Slow down you’re not going to get there any faster this is crazy between knights road even Roosevelt boulevard isn’t that bad anymore.. they zoom up and down on Frankford avenue with those heavy motors that they put in the cars and you hear them all night it’s just impossible.. I was walking somebody’s dogs the other day you wouldn’t believe how long I had to wait to cross the street

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