Sellersville Male Arrested For Rape Of 15 Year Old Girl

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It started with Snapchat. A 15 year old Quakertown girl messaged someone on Snapchat.. This girl and her friend chatted with a male they met at a Wendy’s in Quakertown. The three exchanged Snapchat information several months ago . On October 23, 2023, the male, who was identified as Miquel Sanchez, of Sellersville convinced the 15 year old girl to meet at the Giant store parking lot on Broad Street.

When the girl arrived about 11:00 PM, she saw Sanchez in the back seat of a white car. He invited her in and started to play with her thighs. She told him to stop but he did not. He allegedly insisted on a video depicting specific sex acts and when she refused, He allegedly took off the girls pants and initiated a sex act on her, police said in a complaint.

While the girl kept telling him no, he allegedly kept going, and told her to perform the same sex act on him. If she did, he promised not to have intercourse with her. The girl kept trying to get out of the car but could not open the door, police said. Sanchez allegedly had a phone out during this and the girl believed him to be recording or taking photos of her. She told him to stop but he then is then alleged to have forced himself on top of her.

What Sanchez did not know was the girls was on the phone with her friend who heard a portion of this taking place. When he found out, Sanchez ordered her from the car and then sped away.

Police were called and initiated an investigation, which included securing security camera footage and examining license plate readers. The police were able to track the car and were able to identify the male who committed the assault as Miguel Sanchez. He has been arrested and charged with rape of a minor, assault, false imprisonment corruption of minors and related offenses.

Sanchez also messaged the girls friend via Snapchat and offered her money for sex videos, police said. Sanchez was 38 years old, police said.