Many Blame Krasner’s Policies For Death Of Security Guard

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Crime is running rampant in Philadelphia. Many blame District Attorney Larry Krasner and his policy on retail theft. Quite frankly, Krasner will not file charges on someone stealing from a store unless the value exceeds a certain amount. So when 30-year-old Tyrone Tunnell walked into the Macy’s store on Market Street, he wanted to steal hats. He knew he would not be going to jail if caught.. You can read the original story here.

The security working that day knew it as well. They got the merchandise back, knowing that the police would not be allowed to file charges. It would be a waste of time to call them, so they kicked Tunnell out of the store. He allegedly came back in 15 minutes later and stabbed both guards, killing 27 year old Eric Harrison,

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley The crime scene inside Macy’s.

Critics of Krasner say that if retail theft were prosecuted, Tunnell would have been in a holding cell as opposed to walking back into the store he was just kicked out of.

Tunnell has a criminal record as well. While he now is being charged with murder, attempted murder, assault and related charges. Former federal prosecutor William McSwain used to hold multiple press conferences detailing criminals let plea deals or low/no bail that later went on to commit homicides and robberies in Philadelphia.

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4 thoughts on “Many Blame Krasner’s Policies For Death Of Security Guard

  1. You left out of your story that these are the exact reason the house of representatives started impeachment of krasner…dereliction of duty if these criminals where prosecuted and in jail these murders would not have occurred. He has one JOB PROSECUTE CRIME!!!

  2. Great article which highlights the policy of tag and release. The city is unsafe and the common citizen must guard for his life. Do I want to bring my 10 year old grandson to the city to celebrate the holidays ?? This is a tradition which has sadly been abandoned.
    Mr Krasner must wake up and realize the effect of his failed policy.— I’m a disgusted democrat

  3. The residents of the city had a choice in 2021. But they spoke and now must live (or, in all actuality, DIE) with that decision. You reap what you sow.

  4. Larry Soros Krasner is a disgusting animal that should get worse treatment than just simply impeachment. He deserves a murder conviction and should get life without parole or better yet, the death penalty. He is the worst cancer in Philadelphia history.

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