Bensalem Police Lieutenant Arrested For DUI In Newtown

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A Bensalem Police Lieutenant has been arrested in Newrown Township, after his unmarked patrol car crashed into a curb police said. James Donnelly, the Administrative Lt. was driving on the Newtown Bypass before midnight earlier this week when the crash happened. There were no other vehicles around and police said no one else was hurt.

Donnelly was taken into Newtown Police Headquarters where he was booked for DUI. He has not been formally charged as the tests for impairment will take a while to get done. He has been suspended from the police department without pay, officials said, pending the outcome of the case. His name has been scrubbed from the Bensalem Police website.

Police commanders in Bensalem Township have take home vehicles which have no markings on them. Donnelly was off duty at the time of the crash. The patrol car had to be towed from the scene officials said. The Bucks County District Attorney,

Jen Schorn issued a statement that his case will be handled like anyone else.