Repeat Shoplifter Sought By Police In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Retailers in Bensalem will breathe a sigh of relief when the aqccused thief in the above photo is caught. Police said that he has struck multiple stores in the township and he hit yet again, on January 28,2024. Police just released the information today. It was during the early afternoon when this unknown black male entered the Home Depot on the 1300 block of Bristol Pike.

He wheeled suitcase around the store and went to the electrical department. It was there that he loaded that suitcase with what police said were circuit breakers. He allegedly took $6300 of them and loaded everything into a white SUV and drove out of the parking lot. He paid for nothing, police said. This is a felony, due to the amount of goods that were taken.

This male hit another Home Depot in Bensalem around the same time. During that theft he is alleged to have stolen circuit breakers and security cameras, police said.

If you know who this felon is, police want to hear from you (215) 633-3719 . You do not have to give your name.

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2 thoughts on “Repeat Shoplifter Sought By Police In Bensalem

  1. I used to work at a TJMaxx, years ago. A certain group would come in carrying a suitcase or just buy one, fill it up with clothes and mail it to Russia.
    Whatever wasn’t sold there, would be shipped back and the original person would come back with the remainder of the items and a faded receipt. Then, try to return it.
    Store policy was, take the return and put it on a gift card. #1 rule, is never stop a shoplifter even if you see them on action.
    Soooo, there you go. People commit a crime, the store literally gets ripped off twice, and we go on with our day. I quit after 3 years of breaking by back in that store for minimum wage, as I watched unemployed thieves wear stolen luxury items and blatantly stealing in front of me with a big ol smile.
    Today’s rules suck. Corporations suck.
    I only support Mom and Pop stores these days.

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