Four Wanted In Bensalem Retail Theft At Kohls

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem Police are looking to arrest four people that were engaged in one way or another of a retail theft on March 6, 2024. at Kohls in Bensalem, on Street Road.

Four Hispanics, two males and two females walked up to the fragrance department. Two distracted the clerk by speaking with her and calling her away from a gift set and other assorted fragrances that the thieves wanted to steal. Once the clerk was away, one male handed a female with a large bag the items to steal, including a gift set. , police said. The woman was picked up other fragrances as well and placed them in the bag herself..

Once the merchandise was in the bag, the four thieves walked out without paying for anything. Police did not say how they got away and did not have a vehicle description.

The first actor was described as a Hispanic male with a large build, wearing a black hat and jacket. The second actor was described as a Hispanic male with a slim build, short dark hair, and a dark shirt with a logo and dark pants.  The third actor was described as a Hispanic female with long blonde hair, wearing a black jacket and jeans. The fourth actor was described as a Hispanic female wearing a black puffy coat and jeans.

Anyone with information on the identities of these four is asked to call Bensalem Police (215) 633-3719