Burning Witches, KK’s Priest Play Keswick Theater With LA Guns This Weekend

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When the announcement was made that KK’s Priest , along with LA Guns were going to play the Keswick Theater rockers from all over the Delaware Valley were excited. Add Burning Witches to the lineup with Delco native Coutney Cox and this is a must see show. In a conversation to hype the show, lead vocalist Tim (Ripper) Owens) said “This is our first tour of the United States. . If you want to see European rock bands, you have to come out to the show. It costs bands a fortune to come to America.” This tour hits the Keswick Therater in Glenside on March 24, 2024.

“This is our first tour, we did a few festivals in Europe and a short UK run.” Owens said. KK Downing was one of the lead guitarists in Judas Priest. He left a few years back and formed this band. Tim Owens used to front Priest for quite a few years, after their lead vocalist Rob Halford left. “We do about half of the classic Priest songs and half our songs,…Fans do not sit during our shows. We played a sit place a little bit ago and people were pretty much standing for the show” he said.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com KK Downing back in the day. at the Spectrum

Right now, KK’s Priest is the headliner and they will do just under 90 minutes. Some bands will record with session players then take an entirely different band on the road. Not this one. AJ Mills takes on the second guitar alongside KK Downing, Tony Newton plays bass. The drummer is Sean Elg. They are on tour in support of their second release The Sinner Rides Again. If you arenot familiar with them,the below video will get you up to speed,

Opening the show is a band called Burning Witches. “No, we’re not named after the Doro Pesch/Warlock song, everyone thinks that”, said guitarist Courtney Cox. “I’m a Delco girl, I grew up in Essington. For those that know the name Courtney Cox but cannot place her, she played with The Iron Maidens for 15 years. “I’ve known the Burning Witches for years. I recorded somethings for them, then last year, I was asked to join the band. After 16 years of playing “The Trooper”, it was my time to pursue the original thing”, Cox said.

Courtney Cox Photo Courtesy Facebook

“We want the energy reaction from the crowd,” Cox said. The band is going to do a quick 35 minute set. Before and after the show, they are going to be at their merch table. “Don’t be afraid to come in and say hello, we’re easy to find and don'[t bite that hard,”Cox laughed.

Back in the 1700’s witches were burned at the stake. Some of the imagery of Burning Witches can cause some people to wonder if this band is promoting the Devil. “We’re not satanic. This just supports the name of the band and it looks cool”. In some areas of the country, people get up in arms about that sort of thing. “We’ve had protests with the Maidens, but I’ve always said if you don’t like it, don’t go to the shows. Don’t take it to heart. It’s just apart of the show,”Cox said.

Cox talked about her roots in this area , she used to go to the Sam Ashe store in Franklin Mills. She also used to shop at Sam Goody and FYE in the mall as well. The only regret she has in not have the experience of living through hard rock clubs and shows in the 1980’s. That music has a huge influence on her.

Burning Witches rock hard and they are loud. It’s not for everyone, It is for everyone that like their music on the heavier side. It’s going to rock. The Keswick show is happen on March 24,2024. A few tickets remain. If you are thinking about going, don’t think too long, or you will be outside the venue trying to hear the show through the doors.

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1 thought on “Burning Witches, KK’s Priest Play Keswick Theater With LA Guns This Weekend

  1. KK’s Priest played last night at the Keswick, and I missed them.

    I didn’t realize that her left the band.

    That stated, it’s one of my fave venues, close by and ALWAYS has great line ups.

    Before you go to a show, be sure to check out my friend’s business, Betty Jack Studio & Galley.

    Why stop in?… Well, many of the musicians pop in before their shows: Steve Vai, Jaime West-Oram (guitarist for the Fixx), and MANY others!

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