Almost Everything You Need To Know About The Bensalem Red Light Camera Program

by Alex Lloyd Gross

On April 1, 2024 the Red Light Camera Program in Bensalem goes live. starting at 12:01 AM, motorists that pass through a red light at Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway or Knights and Street Roads will get a warning notice in the mail ( unless stopped by a police officer) This warning period will last 60 days. On the 61st day, the registered owner of the car will get a $100.00 civil violation notice in the mail.

“The township does not get a dime of this money,” said Detective Sgt. Glenn Vandegrift, spokes person for Bensalem Police, we set it up this way because people were thinking it is a money grab and it’s not, it’s about safety”, The money goes for upkeep and maintenance by the company that put the cameras up. Vandegrift did not know the name of the company.

When the light turns red, cars that go past the stop line can get a ticket. “A Bensalem Police Officer is behind the scenes reviewing all of the suspected violations. Those that are not in violation , in the officers opinion are never going to see a ticket in the mail,” Vandegrift said. So you got a ticket in the mail. Now what?

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley workers from Armour Electric install Red Light cameras. at Knights and Street Roads.

According to Vandegrift, you can send in a notice for a hearing which will be held in a private room with a neutral arbitrator this is at the township building. A police officer will attend the hearing and present photos and video of the suspected violation. If a determination is made that the motorist did not commit the infraction, it ends there, according to Vandegrift. The arbitrator is paid by the company that administers the program. Some may think he has a vested interest in getting as much money for the company as they can. He is supposed to be neutral.

If you do not like the ruling, you can pay a filing fee to appeal this to the District Justice level. That is Falcone for Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway violations,and Gallagher for Knights and Street Road tickets. If you don’t agree with that verdict, you can pay to have the case heard in the Court of Common Pleas., in Doylestown. There is no further appeal process past that.

These are civil infractions and will not affect your insurance, points or CDL status. If a police officer issues you a ticket at these intersections your civil violation notice will be cancelled, upon receipt of a ticket issued by the officer, Vandegrift said. At no time will you be arrested or have your vehicle towed by the township for these violations.

A two hour study at the intersection shows that the majority of the tickets issued will be people that are stuck behind another driver to make a left turn. The car in front creeps through the intersection, and by the time your vehicle approaches the intersection the light has turned from yellow to red, which will trigger a violation, as your cars tires are past the stop line.

Motorists that refuse to pay the $100.00 will be reported to a credit collection agency, Vandegrift said. That may seem like nothing, until a credit report is run to purchase a car, or other substantial purchase. This could impact your credit score and cost you additional interest points Your vehicle will not be impounded, nor will you be arrested or have your license suspended.

Vehicles that are in the intersection on a green light but crash due to a left turn will not be documented on the camera system. In Philadelphia, the photos and or video of a red light violation are proprietary and will not be released to lawyers in a civil case. Vandegrift said he believes the same rule applies here.

Drivers waved past a red light by a police officer, fire police officer or firefighter will not be cited. Vehicles in a funeral procession will not be cited.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley An accident at Knights and Woodhaven, which has a red light camera.

Red light cameras will not stop all accidents. In fact, just three weeks ago, an intersectional crash happened in Philadelphia, at Knights and Woodhven Roads, where there is a red light camera.

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  1. I’ve had an executive from the Red Light Camera company tell me they NEVER reverse a ticket at a hearing and the entire business is a scam to steal money. (family friend) Studies prove these cameras INCREASE accidents and that’s why they’ve been outlawed in many states. Bensalem is blatantly lying about not getting money. Vote these thieves out of office.

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