Doylestown Male Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up Warrington Restaurant

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Some people cannot handle liqueur. When they get drunk, their judgement of what is good and bad gets distorted. Some drunks play in traffic, others start fights in bars. The later is what police in Warrington Twp. allege happened with Ryan Thomas Galardi , from Doylestown.

Last week, he was in the Gran Rodeo where he started to become disorderly inside the business. Police said that Galardi allegedly was aggressive towards staff and other customers while at the restaurant. Galardi was yelling, related he would beat people up, blow up the place, and shut down the business. Galardi was asked to leave, which he got into his vehicle and drove away before officers could arrive.

Then he came back a short while later and employees called police again. This time Galardi was there when police arrived and became aggressive towards them. More officers were called to help take him into custody. Once he was arrested, he is alleged to have continued to act hostile and aggressive towards officers.

He was arraigned on $30,000 bail and taken to Bucks County Prison. His charges include 2706(A)(1) Terroristic Threats (F3) (18) (75) 3802 (A) Driving Under the Influence (M) (18) 5503 (A)(4) Disorderly Conduct(M3) (18) 2709(a)(1) Harassment (S) (18) 2709(a)(3) Harassment (S) (18) 5505 Public Drunkenness

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1 thought on “Doylestown Male Arrested For Threatening To Blow Up Warrington Restaurant

  1. Well, I guess that a (fortunately small) part of society never seems to, or cares to,… learn.
    To learn that the consequences of their actions and foul behavior isn’t going to net anything worthwhile.

    There have, and always will be the “occasional drunk” that colors civilized society.

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