Arrest Made In Assault Of Philly Officer

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Police have charged Yusef Coleman for the assault of a Philadelphia Police Officer earlier this weekend. It was on the 2100 block of West Oxford when the officer ( off duty)was behind a vehicle that would not move. When the officer honked his horn and was still in his vehicle, a male nicknamed “Duke” sucker punched the officer. Duke then pulled a pistol and held it to his side.

As the officer then grappled with “Duke”, Coleman is alleged to have grabbed the officer from behind and put him in a headlock. Coleman was armed, and a struggle over his firearm ensued, with the officer managing to push the weapon away. During the struggle, the magazine fell out of the firearm and the officer discharged the remaining round. No one was struck by the gunfire.

“Duke” then pointed a gun at the officer and demanded he release the weapon. The officer was subsequently beaten by multiple assailants and his personal weapon was stolen from its holster. When Coleman fled in a vehicle, he is alleged to have struck the officer with his car.

Coleman was taken in for investigation and he was charged earlier today with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, assault of a law enforcement officer, robbery, theft by unlawful taking, Violations of the Uniform Firearms Act, and related offenses.

The off-duty officer was transported to Temple University Hospital for treatment of a black eye, facial bruises, and a leg injury sustained when he was struck by the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle, a black BMW, has been recovered by police.

The officer is 42 years old, a 9 year veteran of the PPD, and is currently assigned to the 22nd District.

The officer will be placed on administrative leave once he recovers from the injuries sustained during the incident. He will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of the Internal Affairs and Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations.

Police are still looking for “Duke”. Police have not charged any of the females previously posted at this time. police confirmed that “duke” and possibly Coleman had exited an illegal speakeasy just prior to the incident. The original story is here.