Police Turn Up the Heat For Male That Beat Police Officer and Stole His Gun

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It was a stupid move. Police released more info on the officer assaulted and robbed of his gun yesterday on the 2100 block of West Oxford Street. What you are about to read defies stupidity. The officer was stopped in traffic. He was in civilian clothes and he was waiting for the light to change when he got out of his car to ask another motorist to move, instead of blocking traffic.

That’s when an unknown black male approached him and “clocked him once”, said Corporal Jasmine Reilly, spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department. When that happened, a group of people came over to assault him. This group of people were in an illegal speakeasy that police knew nothing about.

A scuffle ensues and the officer is robbed of his personal firearm. He did disarm one male who had a gun. That gun discharged but did not strike anyone. One male was arrested yesterday. He has not yet been charged, Reilly said.

A group of females surrounded police. Their images were caught on an officers body cam. They have been identified but not charged as of yet. Police are now looking for the above male. His nickname could possibly be “Duke”. You can read the original story here.

According to Reilly, police and the city will now work to close the illegal speakeasy. Had the person moved their car, had the officer not been robbed and assaulted, the speakeasy would possibly be still operating under the radar.