Attorney General Issues Concerns For Red Lobster Gift Cards

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Red Lobster is an iconic, wonderful seafood restaurant that is based all across the country. Unfo0rtunatley, they have filed for bankruptcy and several of their stores have been closing, with possibly more to come.

In Pennsylvania, only the Erie location is closed. Attorney General Michelle Henry issued a statement regarding the closure and customers loyalty points and gift card programs.

Attorney General Henry advises consumers to check the Red Lobster website to determine the status of their local Red Lobster — and to track potential closures going forward.

The closures and bankruptcy action could affect consumers’ ability to redeem Red Lobster rewards, loyalty points, coupons, and unused gift cards.

“Consumers who have rewards or loyalty points and unused gift cards should consider using them sooner than later,” Attorney General Henry said.

Consumers who experience issues redeeming their Red Lobster rewards, loyalty points, coupons, or unused gift cards while their local Red Lobster restaurant is still open for business may call the Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-800-441-2555.