Former President Donald Trump Convicted On All 34 Counts

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Donald J. Trump has been convicted of all 34 charges regarding his falsification of business records regarding the Stormy Daniels payout. Trump was allowed to remain free but will return to court in New York July 11,2024 for sentencing.

He will have to meet with a probation officer and he will have to submit himself to an interview with pre trial services so his sentence can be imposed. These are felonies, albeit the lowest level felony on the grading system. The chance of Trump getting sentenced to prison is almost nil.

Alex Lloyd Gross-Delaware Valley File photo- President Donald Trump in Philadelphia

That did not stop the US Secret Service from holding meetings with jail officials in New York, just in case. Trump, in his blistering remarks called the judge “corrupt” and reiterated some of his concerns about illegal aliens coming into the United States. He also said the the Biden administration was complicit in bringing the charges in an effort to beat him in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Trump is the only US President in history to be convicted of a felony. He will appeal this conviction. He may still be able to vote in the 2024 election from Florida, even though Florida does not usually permit convicted felons to vote.

Possible sentences for him include probation or even home confinement. They will be served ( assuming the conviction survives all his appeals) later.

Alex Lloyd Gross -Delaware Valley File photo- Donald Trump prior becoming president in 2016.

Trump was convicted of lying about paying former porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money to deny an affair they had prior to the 2016 election. His former lawyer, Michael Cohen facilitated those payments. Cohen, now himself a convicted felon, served a brief time in prison and is no longer able to practice law.

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3 thoughts on “Former President Donald Trump Convicted On All 34 Counts

  1. I, among many others, surely miss the $2.15/gal gas price…the food prices…the energy independance…
    The worldwide absence of wars…the taming of the N Korean issues…among other countries issues…
    The comforting feeling of security knowing a border wall was being built…
    And the economy, of course.
    Oh, and that annoying, and strangely mysterious covid thing…for which I never got the clotshot for, and am just fine.
    And the list goes on…..

    And all that was successfully being done while Trump was being bombarded with endless obstacles and accusations throughout his term.
    Stepping back and looking at the Big Picture, it’s clear as looking through a freshly cleaned window that this idiotic chain of events is designed to thwart, upset, the very things that millions of people want, and still do, judging from their continued attendance and solidarity at rallys.

  2. Everyone with a brain knows that these bogus charges will be thrown out on appeal, and Trump will win a THIRD election in a row. We can only hope he learned that we are already in a Civil War, and will act accordingly when in office this time. People need to stop voting for the party that is constantly spewing easily proven lies, and start voting Anti Democrat.

  3. It’s now July 1st, 2024, with the holiday of the 4th just around the corner…
    And it’s been as clear as looking out of a freshly-washed window that SINCE 2015 that Donald Trump has been “picked on”, manipulated, and accused, over and over, along with repeated accusations, insulted, and mocked.
    There’s been so much of this that I can’t even recall everything.

    And on top of it all, a highly suspicious loss in 2020 for Trump’s 2nd term.
    Yet, the above stated nonsense keeps on flowing.

    Now, step back, and take in the whole picture here… use some logic.
    Did The People honestly vote for a weak, frail, and obviously senile person to be a leader of this country?
    A person associated with the Obama administration, which was another suspicious result of sorts?
    THOSE 8 years was was a train wreck for the country! – think Obama Care, among other dandy creations.
    And the timing and disruption to peaceful society due to that mysterious Covid 19 thing…
    Think about that for a moment.

    All those things suspiciously bundled in that time frame, like some annoying schoolyard bully – it’s CLEAR that something is not right.

    If you’ve held onto your core values, and not allowed yourself to become brainwashed, controlled, or manipulated, great.
    Those millions of American citizens that pack-the-house at every Trump rally since 2015 keep my hopes strong.
    They know how things were going during Trump’s administration.
    They wanted a change after all the previous administrations ignored their wants and desires, and fed lies to them.
    And they want that BACK again.

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