Donald Trump Went To North Philly For Rally

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Donald Trump wants to be President Of the United States. He is in a three way race between himself, Joe Biden and Robert Kennedy. Trump is courting the black vote and the minority vote, which is why he went to the Liacouras Center, in the heart of North Philly.

During Trump rallies, he hurls insults at just about everyone. He calls the media the “Enemy of the People”. His rhetoric has gotten people hurt. So it’s only fair that the media respond back in kind. His campaign media team are idiots. Yes, you read that right, idiots.

Media wishing to attend will fill out a form . Then most of them are DENIED credentials. Sure the TV stations and wire services are there but not smaller, independent outlets. This is where the crux of news gathering is done. The media riser looks full but it’s really not.

Shame on his campaign. No reputable media outlet will run “pool” photos or hand out photos. We will not run copy generated by a PR hack. We must be there in person. It’s the only way to speak with supporters that will tell us how wonderful Trump is. They will tell us why they are voting for him and what, in their opinion is wrong with other candidates. You cannot do that if you were not there.

Trump did do wonderful things during his presidency. The right to try law, his executive action calling for prison for protesters vandalizing monuments. He did some clunkers too. He failed to get with then Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and get the minimum wage raised. Congress passed a bill and it died in the senate. The same people that would have been helped by this raise are people in North Philly, just a stones throw from where he spoke. Some still slave away at $8-10/hr jobs.

Speaking of jobs, when you turn down media requests, you are hurting media outlets, may of whom are minority owned. That means media members cannot work.

So yes, Trump was there, a lot of media outlets were not. We cannot tell you what he said and what the crowd reaction was . The idiots running his media team did not think of that. In contrast, Both Kennedy and Biden welcome all media. Whether they print bad stories praise them, all are credentialed. Who is going to get better press? This story could have been about what Trump would do and how he would do it

Alex Lloyd Gross FILE PHOTO Donald Trump. file photo


We would have interviewed his supporters. We cannot, we were not there. Instead you get this. If Trump was smart, he should take a page from his Apprentice show and gather his media team responsible for credentialing and tell them “YOU’RE FIRED.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump Went To North Philly For Rally

  1. What is clear to people is the fact that numerous times, Trump’s rallys were disrupted by anti-Trumpers, and the media, which has shown it’s colors since 2015 as being laden with leftist propoganda and misinformation has wound up in the toilet.
    They did this to themselves.
    You can only pull that “Hate Trump” adjenda for a while, because The People are aware of it, and beyond tired of it.

    True, Trump is a contoversial and unusual being.
    However, the fact shows that during his 4 years in Office, dispite all the annoying obstacles thrown at him, he performed miraculously, doing what The People have been asking for for decades.
    Look at America, the World, NOW, under Senile Coot, the puppet.

  2. The owner of this page, Alex Lloyd Gross, is a typical Leftist Democrat. He’s a tyrannical bully that censors and removes speech that doesn’t agree with his Leftist Democrat political views. Democrats need to be voted out of office to save our country. He already removed multiple posts of mine supporting Trump’s POLICIES, and will probably remove this one as well.

    1. Actually you are wrong. DVN welcomes free speech but not speech that uses profanity, which is why your one post was removed.
      Please re read the unedited article, especially about the wonderful things Trump did.
      We have been credentialed for Trump before and will again.
      Actually I am a moderate.

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