Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On America

by Paul Big Bear

Dear Friends,

       How was your 4th of July? Ours was absolutely great; we were able to perform on our float in two great parades; Rockledge and Glenside. We look forward each year to these events and made sure our float looked Red – White – and Blue appropriate.

       After a good night’s sleep Ginny and I woke up to hot coffee and the news as we do most every day. I was so upset by the results of the latest poll that were being announced, 2 in 5 Americans are extremely proud to be Americans, that is 38%, broken down by age 50% of those over 55 are extremely proud, 40% of those 35 to 54, and 18% of those 18 to 34.       I said to my wife “Where did they take these polls?” We have sung and performed at several Veteran facilities this year alone, I proudly sang and gave a memorial speech in the cemetery in Jermyn, Pennsylvania despite questionable weather forecasts to many flag waving Americans paying tribute to those who are buried there, and we just participated in two 4th of July Parades attended by an estimated 150,000 people. Everywhere we saw American flags being flown by proud Americans. I know that I am extremely proud to be an American. The party Continues is a 100% proud of being an American company, so where did this poll originate and what brought this response. I have spent the day pondering this and I have come up with these thoughts; where would I rather live? Nowhere else.

No matter how I look at it I am extremely proud to be American, this does not mean that I don’t feel there are things that could be better but when I see 150,000 people come out to watch a patriotic parade waving their flags, wearing the red, white, and blue, T-shirts boasting USA, and singing along with me as I sang “God Bless The USA” standing and pointing to me as they sang the lines “It’s time we say we’re proud to be American” and “I would stand up next to you and defend her still today.” I think this poll is faulted as I believe they posed the question misleadingly. Instead the question should be are we proud of our elected officials, our lawmakers, our schools, and seeing our countries history rewritten by those who claim to be “Offended.”

I think if in the next few months as we come to another election we as voters need to seek the facts, look into our hearts, and let those who desire to be elected to REPRESENT US know that we are proud to be American and demand that they make us proud to vote them in to do the job, do right by the majority, not do what will garner them more votes.


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