Denny’s In Langhorne Closed Permanently

by Alex Lloyd Gross

If you are craving Denny’s and are hoping to make a trip to Langhorne just off I-295 we have bad news. That location is closed, effective this week.

Signs are on the windows announcing the closure but advising guests to drive 20 miles away to Essington for the next location, like that is going to happen. Who in their right mind is going to travel from Langhorne Pa past the airport for the sole purpose of getting food?

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley A sign on the window advising the location has closed.

.Danny’s has joined the long list of restaurants that have closedlocations since the pandemic. The light are on inside the restaurant but the doors are locked. Signage remains up for now. Denny’s management did not offer an explanation as to why the Bucks County location closed.

It is unknown how many people this business employed or if the company is working to help find them jobs. At one point, Denny’s was everywhere, Travelers going across country would be greeted with the familiar sign and know they were getting good food. The had a strong presence in the Philadelphia region.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley The interior of Denny’s on Lincoln Highway.

In the late 1990’s they removed some menu items like fried chicken and curtailed the advertising budget substantially. Inside this location, chairs have been stacked on tables and utensils are visible through a window.