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Opinion Against Police Radar

RADAR speed measurement is unreliable. The courts regard radar as foolproof. Nothing further from the truth. Evidence that further erodes radar’s patina of infallibility comes from an American Academy of Forensic Sciences research presentation titled “Testing of Police RADAR”. The research was conducted by two professional engineers, one of whom previously worked for a RADAR

Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion -On Minimum Wage

By Paul Big bear Dear Friends,      Let us look back in our lives, what was your first job for a paycheck? That first job, with taxes taken out of your earnings, how old were you, and what were you paid per hour? Mine was working as an usher at the local movie house, where

OP-ED From House Reps In PA About the Vaccine Debacle

Imagine trying to play the lottery, but, instead of just buying a ticket at your local dealer you had to use a piece of technology you’ve never seen before, there were only a limited number of lottery tickets (and nobody knows the number), and the form you fill out is in another language. Now, imagine

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion on Children

by Paul Big Bear Dear Friends,      In the year 1800 the child mortality rate in the United States, children five and under was 462.9 per thousand births or over 46% did not reach the age of five. Jump ahead to 2020 and the numbers change dramatically to seven per thousand births. Think about these

Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion On Hard Times

by Big Paul Bear Hard times, we all have experienced them, we talk about them, some complain and look to blame someone, others boast having survived them. Our childhood was so much tougher than our children have it, yet we all want our children to have a better life than we had. We worked harder

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