3 Tribute acts pack TLA on South Street

Alex Lloyd Gross- Bloodstone

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A free party for rockers was held last night, December  5, 2015 at the TLA and when we say free, it means free.  You could drive to the event with only your drivers license and registration  and no money. You could have parked your vehicle for free  right in front of the place and walked in  and not spent one penny.  About 500 to 800 people got the message and showed up to watch three hard rock tribute bands take care of business.

This was not a show for those that  expect to hear newer music or country, or rap.  The sounds of Metallica  , Iron Maiden and Judas Priest  were played and played loud.    Bands are given a small  allotment of tickets to distribute and they get to plug their show.    The shows are usually over around 11:00 PM.   It appears that the venue is making money off the drinks and food sold there.  It’s how they are able to  hold the show  for free.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Orion

Members of  Orion,  Tailgunner and Bloodstone  all took to social media and local shows to distribute their ticket allotment. True,  not all tickets are redeemed, but for those that do not know anyone, those people  can pay $10.00 at the box office for a ticket. Few do . Just a few minutes after 7:00 PM Orion showed up and they were greeted by a nice crowd that was growing by the minute. A line of concertgoers was snaked down the block going through security as the band played inside.  While Metallica got the Super Bowl  half time   show ripped from under them  in favor of Coldplay,  Orion got the red carpet treatment by the fans.  Many who pulled out cameras and smartphones to document the show.

Up next was Tailgunner, formed by Navy Veteran Kenny Sheffel,  they proved themselves a force to be reckoned with. As songs like “Wasted Years”  gave the Marshall Amps  a workout,  the crowd wanted more. From the opening of “Moonchild” to  “The Number of the Beast”, which featured a rather original intro by Port Richmond metalhead Michael Dadura.  Tailgunner plays area clubs and the next big show they have is February 12, 2016 at Club Havana, in New Hope.  Promoter Dave Maida has made that venue very popular with music lovers, having booked Asia, Ace Frehley and Blackfoot, to name a few.

After a quick set change, Bloodstone was next playing Judas Priest. They stuck to the music Priest did  in the 70, and 80’s.,  which was fine with the fans in the crowd.  “Grinder”,, and “Electric Eye”  were just some of the songs they did. You cannot play “Electric Eye” without going  into “Riding On the Wind”, which was also played.  Of course, none of these bands look like the band members they emulate, but  they sure sound like them.  As for Bloodstone, some of these band members have played in other local tribute acts, some of which have played at the TLA before.  The show was over before 11:00 PM. In time explore other hot spots or whatever else you may want to do.

Alex Lloyd Gross–Tailgunner