Was Philly cop shooting an act of terrorism?


The attack on police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Less than 24 hours after Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett was ambushed while patrolling the streets of West Philadelphia, we have learned quite a few details.

For one, the suspect, Edward Archer has confessed to doing this.  In fact, he was proud of what he did and he claimed that he did it “In the name of Islam”.

Imam’s across the nation would denounce this attack but that does not take away from the fact that Archer did it and claims to be inspired by ISIS.   The terror group has not claimed responsibility yet.

The  terror group ISIS is disorganized.  A disgruntled idiot can commit a violent act and then claim they were inspired by ISIS.  In reality, ISIS did not send the man on any mission and it is doubtful that Edwards received any training from them.  That does not stop the stupid from committing an atrocity and trying to align themselves with the terror group. The fact that a violent act was committed and the suspect makes  statements saying they were “inspired”  is all it takes for the terror group to step in an claim credit.

Ed Archer The suspect

Archer told cops that ” I follow Allah and pledge allegiance to the Islamic State. ”  He also said that he was “called upon to do  this” but said nothing more.

Officer Hartnett is still recovering, but should survive  the shooting.  By all accounts, he should be dead. He was ambushed and never saw Edwards with a pistol in his hand until it was too late.  Hartnett’s patrol car  was charged by an armed gunman, who fired a series of 13 bullets and did not stop shooting until he was leaning into the police car and ran  out of ammunition as he scurried away , still shooting at the officer.. Archer ran  from the scene and was arrested by fellow officers about a block away.  Hartnett tried to chase him but could not due to his injuries.

Currently, cops are treating this as a local crime but federal officials are involved. The weapon used was a stolen police  9mm that was reported stolen in October of 2013.