Philly cop ambushed by male wearing Muslim clothes


coplogoBy Alex Lloyd Gross

A Philadelphia Police Officer was shot multiple times in the arm and leg in what Police Commissioner Richard Ross is calling an “ambush”.  The suspect was also shot and is in custody. The incident happened late December 7, 2016 near 60th and Spruce Streets. in West Philadelphia.

The entire incident was caught on security camera and that has been preserved for evidence. Police sources said that the male, who has an address in Delaware County Pa.,  was wearing Muslim garb when the incident happened.  The male;s identity has not been ascertained yet.  He was rushed to the hospital after the cop, identified by police as Jessee Hartnett managed to return fire.

Hartnett was sitting in his patrol car, driving through the intersection  when the the suspect walked up and fired 13 shots at him, with no provocation.  Hartnett is expected to survive this incident. The shooter aimed his 9mm pistol but thankfully  missed most of his shots. He emptied the gun, trying to kill the cop.  Mayor Jim Kenney called for Washington to do more to curb gun sales.  The suspect has not been formally charged  yet , but is in custody.