Fuel spill shuts down Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The fuel spill.

A traffic accident that resulted in minor injuries  resulted in major traffic headaches for motorists trying to navigate the busy Roosevelt Blvd, near Levick Street today, April 4 ,2016. Cops said that one vehicle ran a red light. The crash was between a passenger car and a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer was struck on the passenger side and ruptured the saddle tank, spilling  multiple gallons of diesel fuel onto the road.

The driver of the truck did not sustain any injuries. The driver of the car was not hurt to any degree of severity, emergency officials said. The  spill resulted in  the northbound inner drive of the blvd being closed to traffic for several hours while firefighters and tow truck operators cleaned the wreckage. hundreds of pounds of oil dry were spread out to absorb the diesel then had to be shoveled into a container to be removed.  Police  and firefighters had to wait until Haz mat crews were able to  arrive and that resulted in an extended delay of the roadway being opened..