Uli Jon Roth plays area show

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Uli Jon Roth

By Alex Lloyd Gross

When Uli Jon Roth plays live, he transcends the audience to another world. Don’t believe it?  No problem, go see him live.  The man is one of the most underrated musicians you  might never have heard of if you are younger than 35.  Here is a bit of a primer for you. He is a former guitar player  with the Scorpions.  Roth’s material with them dates back to the mid 1970,s.After leaving The Scorps, he formed Electric Sun. His solo material  is appreciated by many guitar aficionados across the planet.   So with all of that experience under his belt, RotDSC_0215h brought his show to the Sellersville Theater  last night April 5, 2016.

When you watch him play, you will notice something.  He hardly ever looks at the guitar. His fingers know exactly where they need to be, and they appear on the fret board in their proper place like magic.  The show featured material from his new release called Scorpions Revisited, Electric Sun, and Sky of Avalon.  The Sellersville show was one of the final shows on the US tour. If you missed it,  you may have to wait another few years before you can see him again.

Just over half the house was sold. A lot of empty seats.  That was due partly to the late hour that the show ran. Fans go on the internet and see how long the show is.  When a show is held on a week day, they have school or work and by the time they get home it’s  close to 1:00 AM.  Many elected to stay home.  The solution is tDSC_0192o start at 7:00 PM  so the show is ove

r about 11:00 PM.  Last nights show ended  at 11:50 PM.

The show is being billed as the Ultimate Guitar Experience  and features Andy Timmons from Danger/Danger  and Jessica Batten opening. Batten used to play  with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. She  was on stage solo, except for a video screen to accompany her.  Timmons has his own band  that played his songs. The openers did instrumental s

hows, with no vocals.

During final two songs of the night, both Timmons and Batten  joined Roth on stage for two very long songs. Those with a VIP package  then had the privilege of meeting the performers after the show. Timmons came out after his set and signed  for anyone.