Sitting Congressman convicted of corruption in Philadelphia

fattahBy  Alex Lloyd Gross

Chaka Fattah, a Democratic Congressman ,who is also registered as a super delegate to Hillary Clinton, was convicted in Federal Court of 23 counts of corruption today, June 21, 2016. The charges stemmed from an illegal loan payment scheme the long term congressman took out and then paid back through nefarious means  during his failed attempt to become Mayor of Philadelphia.  Fattah  served the Second Congressional District in Philadelphia.

The government was able to prove that during his bid for the Mayor’s Office, Fattah did attempt to take money from a education non-profit foundation he founded, in order to pay back his creditors. He also took federal grant  funds and used them to pay for his campaign workers, after running  the cash through his foundation.   He also was convicted of using  that money to pay for his son,  Chaka Fattah Jr,s college debts.  The incumbent congressman  denied all of the allegations and  said today was “A tough day for him”.

He still sits as a member of congress and has not resigned. He is due in court on October 4, 2016 for sentencing.  A prison term is very likely.  One of the conspirators also charged with Fattah was Herbert Vederman, who was convicted of using $18,000 to pay bills as well. Vederman was a Deputy Mayor who served under Ed Rendell. Others who held high positions in the non profits that Fattah was accused of looting were also convicted for allowing it to happen. They were  Karen Nicholas and Robert Brand. Vederman was also accused of attempting to curry favor  with Fattah  and used his influence for an ambassadorship.

Fattah served from 1995.  His legacy , fellow Councilman Bob Brady said, “Will not be what he did, all of the good that he did , but the sentence he receives”  Fattah is seen as defiant and argumentative which will cost him come sentencing day.

UPDATE: Fattah was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison today, December 12, 2016.