Why the Clinton free pass hurts and helps both candidates

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Photo Alex Lloyd Gross- Delaware Valley News.com Hilary Clinton

With the Democratic and Republican Conventions just a few  short weeks away,  Attorney General Loretta Lynch  as announced that Hillary Clinton will not be facing charges for mishandling classified documents in her  email scandal.  The internet was full of public opinion within minutes of the announcement. The only candidate this truly helps is Bernie Sanders.  The announcement hurts Hillary and here is why.

She is blamed for special privilege and  a private meeting with Bill Clinton with Lynch on the private plane just days before did not help.  There is no person alive that believes the former president  only went onto a plane for 30 minutes to discuss golf and grand kids.  Especially when untrained , poorly educated Federal Agents stood by and threaten to arrest the media for taking photos or video of anyone leaving the plane.  There is  talk of a high level cabinet position for Lynch should Clinton be  elected.  She is being called corrupt by both parties  and this did not help her at all.

It helps her  simply because she can say the evidence was not there  to prosecute.  Even though she did do all of the things she was accused of.

Donald Trump is having a field day with this  calling her Crooked Hillary , alleging special privilege and back door strings were pulled.  He can threaten to charge her anyway if he is elected president.  That would resonate well with Hilary haters.  He had brought up the secret meeting  on the plane and he has brought up . It is a given that should he be elected Lynch will be fired.

It hurts him simply because she was not charged, even when he argues  about how corrupt and untrustworthy he believes she is, the bottom line is  she was not charged.

Photo Alex Lloyd Gross- Delaware Valley News.com Bernie Sanders is the only one this announcement benefits.

The only person this truly helps is Bernie sanders who has little chance of clinching the nomination in Philadelphia.  It shows that yes Hilary did what she was accused of doing , she was too stupid to realize  she was doing something wrong and  she used special privilege to get out of it.