Mike Pence praises first responders in Bensalem speech

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley News.com Mike Pence speaks in Bensalem.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross- photo Delaware Valley News.com Mike Pence and his wife enter the building.

Mike Pence, the republican  candidate for Vice President of the United States made a stop at TC Millworks in Bensalem Bucks County this afternoon, October 27, 2016.  During his stump speech to get people to vote for Donald Trump, he blasted his challenger, Hillary Clinton, and her comment of “what difference does it make”? regarding the Benghazi  murders of four Americans. “She is not fit to run for that office and in my opinion, anyone that says those words regarding US Military that lose their lives should be disqualified from running for the office of President”, Pence said.

He then took it a step farther and asked to see all military vets in the crowd.  Pence then talked from the podium, away from the bright media lights, and saluted them, pointing to some of them in the crowd that he could see.  After that, he blamed  the liberal media for painting cops in a bad light. “I saw all kinds of lights last night”, he said, referring to his plane that ran off the runway in bad weather. “The first responders were great”,  He then call all first responders “selfless”.

Pence does not speak in amped up tones to get the crowd worked up. This crowd was worked up already. In fact, quite frequently he was interrupted by the crowd  who chanted “Lock her up”, referring to Hillary Clinton. Clinton just got word that the FBI found new emails and will be investigating them. When Pence broke the news to the crowd, they went bonkers, breaking into more chants or “Lock her up”. Pence did nothing to encourage or discourage the crowd from doing this.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Mike Pence makes a point during his remarks.

The crowd was small, maybe a couple thousand people. The traffic was horrendous. One volunteer assigned to the  parking lot was truly overwhelmed. This rally was supposed to start by 2:00 PM and it did. Pence talked about negotiating fair trade deals and getting products made in America. His blistering remarks about The Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare) caused the crowd to cheer.

Pence did not speak about raising the minimum wage or how Trump would bring people out of poverty.  The crowd was overwhelmingly devoid of very many minorities. Those that were there, were very supportive of what Pence had to say.  Pence said one thing that Hillary Clinton will agree with and that is to make sure you , your friends and family members get out and vote on Election day.