Mike Pence Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Republican Candidate for the office of President Of the United States dropped out of the race. He suspended his campaign earlier today in Las Vegas. He had trouble raising funds and connecting with voters.

The past congressman and Governor of Indiana had expressed views on the Ukraine, and abortion that were at odd with the majority of the Republican Party. His announcement came while he was speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition convention. “It’s not my time,” he said.

Pence also had to contend with a pissed off electorate that slaves away for $7,25/hr due to his anti minimum wage comments made while he was governor. He throught $5.15/hr was plenty to pay essential workers..

Pence was Donald Trump’s Vice President but had a falling out with him when he voted to certify the 2020 election. An insurrection was put down at the United States Capitol as some rabid Trump supporters arrived with a hangman’s noose, wanting to hand the Vice President Of the United States.. Trump, even though he has multiple indictments against him is still the republican front runner.

Alex Lloyd Gross , Photo- Delaware Valley News.com Mike Pence meets people during a campaign stop in 2016.

Pence’s team said that he made the announcement at the RJC because “It afforded him one last opportunity to make his case for Israel in front of a supportive audience”. As for the Ukraine,Pence wanted to strengthen military support for that war torn region.

Running for POTUS requires money and after an initial influx of cash, donations slowed to a trickle. Pence did not say who he would support.