Major protests planned for tomorrow

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley A protest at a Trump rally this past fall.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Tomorrow, January 20, 2017 Donald Trump will take the oath of Office and become the nations 45th president .  Thousands will be there and thousands will be there to protest. Most of these are paid protesters who will protest anything as long as they are paid.  While they will not be able to disrupt the program,  they can attempt to make those attending  feel uncomfortable.  Some of these protesters are content to carry signs , while others will try to block people from attending.

In Philadelphia, Police are preparing for demonstrations on through the evening, at Independence Hall area and also around Philadelphia City Hall. These demonstrations could be pro Trump or against Trump. City officials are urging people not to drive around those areas and to use public transportation if possible. During the campaign, demonstrations took place locally, with Hillary Clinton supporters next to Trump supporters and there was no violence. Officials are hoping for a repeat of that.