Three alarm fire keeps firemen busy overnight

Alan M. Dumoff Special to Delaware Valley

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A Three alarm fire kept emergency responders busy yesterday, March 24 into  today, as a business that had been in operation for over 100 years, Railway Specialties Corporation burned..  It was were located on State Road near Mack Drive.  Due to the close proximity to wires that were overhead,  a lot of large diameter fire hose had to be dropped and stretched  down a long driveway, off the road. That required Sate Road to be closed  for over five hours. The blaze was called in at about 5:15 PM .  No cause has been determined.

Alex Lloyd Gross- Delaware valley Photo- After midnight, crews could be observed from State Road , from a distance.

Crews got the upper hand but not before calling in 3 alarms  worth of equipment. Fire companies from as far away as Newtown  were put to work at the scene.  Thick smoke  could be observed for miles.  Curious  motorists tried to get up to the scene but were kept away by Fire Police.  According to social media posts, some people turned off nearby Route 13 and drive over headstones at the Bristol Cemetery, in order to get a clear   view of the smoke and flames.

Reports that nearby chemical companies were involved were determined to be false. One man, who rented  garage space close to the fire building, had several cars of high value stored there.  The fire did not spread to that area.  As night worse on,  companies had to remain on scene through out the night putting water on hot spots. No injuries were reported. heavy equipment was brought in, to demolish the building, so firefighters can make certain the fire was out.  They remained on scene through the morning Saturday.

Local paper Levittown Now has more information.