How to hack the 2017 NFL Draft

Dawn Altstatt photo – Special to Delaware Valley

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Today, Saturday April 29,2017 is the last day of the 2017 NFL Draft.  The NFL had a great time so far and they will be back again soon, possibly as early as next year.  If you are heading down today, here are some things you need to know to get the most of your experience including how to get FREE MERCHANDISE.

1 Go early and avoid the lines. By now,  you should know what you want to do or see and by being one of the first 1000 through the door, you stand a better chance of seeing it quick, without waiting in line.

Dawn Altstatt- Photo- Special to Delaware Valley

2 Download the fan pass app on your phone. If you do not have a smart phone, when you go, there are people that can help you and give you a code. That code enables you to get free swag from vendors.  If you have more than one phone, get one app for each phone. The more you get, the better. Bring friends and family and have them put the apps on their phones too. More on this later.

Alex Lloyd Gross- photo Delaware Valley Commissioner Roger Goodell gets booed on stage, but fans are quick to grab a selfie with him.

3 If you want to get into the Draft Theater and you don’t have a ticket, no problem Get in the stand by line. Usually at entry “B”.  They take groups of people in at a time. Stop at the Fan Pass Booth to get a wristband or get put on the list.  Having the theater 1/4 full makes us look lame, and the NFL knows it. They also know that people have things to do and they may leave early or not even show, in spite of having a ticket. The standby, or seat fillers are a great way to keep the seats filled. However, if the ticket holder for that seat shows up, you will have to be relocated. Possibly closer to the stage.

4 Bring a water bottle with you. you avoid paying $5.00 for a bottle, which is insane.  If you forget, and  need something to drink and funds are scarce, possibly a First Aid tent can help. Then keep the bottle and use it at a free filling station.

Photo- Dawn Altstatt- Special to Delaware Valley You can see different sights like the Ravens mascot.

5 There are players to be met . It’s always best to find out who is going to be there, and when. Arrive about 30 minutes early. You will have time to relax and you will not be waiting in line very long. If the line is long when you go, leave, come back 15 minutes before the end of the session. You can meet them with very little waiting, or when the session is over. Unless it’s a key player like Carson Wentz, this tactic works well.

6 If you have a ton of cash or do not mind paying over inflated prices, skip this.Otherwise, here is how to get FREE merch inside the NFL tent. Some of the stands during the experience have gift cards for $5.00 off  anything in the merch tent.  You can redeem up to12 of them at any time.  That’s $60.00 towards your  purchase. Again, each smart phone, or friends smartphone can help you get a gift card. Some vendors ask you to  listen to a 2 minute sales pitch. Big deal.  Sweat shirts are $60.00 and t shirts are $30.00.  You can by pass the bootleg vendors on the way in, and save your money.