Car thieves wanted by cops in Bensalem

Bensalem Police- Car thief who is wanted.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Many people have taken their lives into their hands when they try to break into cars to steal things that do not belong to them.  Often times the owner comes out and is enraged and hurts the thief. Often times the owner will use a weapon to hurt or subdue the thief.  The thief goes to jail and nothing happens to the homeowner.  With this in mind,  people will still try their luck and try to break into vehicles and that has happened recently in Bensalem  Bucks County.  This clown right here is a perfect example of the stupid.

15 years ago, no body would know who he is. Now, there is a security camera everywhere. Watch as he tries to break into this Jeep. Now, he’s going to be famous.  Cops found him and two buddies driving a stolen vehicle and pursued it.  Due to “safety concerns” the pursuit was broken off and the thieves got away. They have been  making attempts to break into vehicles around the township. Now they are as good as caught. They are stealing both cars and items inside of cars.

Someone  knows them, knows who they are, even if they live outside of the area. This is a decent photo of one of the thieves.  Bensalem cops want to hear from you (215) 633-3719 Is the number to call.  The last thing a car thief wants is to be confronted by an angry owner,  The other thing they hate is to be caught on video,  The person in this video should, if they are smart, turn themselves in, before a citizen gets a hold of them and detains them for the police..