Pennsylvania Attorney General comes out against cross country concealed carry

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Attorney General Josh Shapiro speaks as Commissioner Ross listens in the background

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A press conference was held today  December 5, 2017 to show the media the drawbacks of HR 38 or better known as the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. This bill will allow people to carry concealed firearms anywhere in the United States  as long as they have a permit to do so in their state of residence.  This would stop ridiculous arrests of otherwise law abiding citizens  such as a teacher in New Jersey several years ago. She was arrested and charged with a felony weapons charge for having her gun on her when she crossed into New Jersey.  She was pardoned by Governor Chirs Christie amid mounting pressure from media and public commentary who weighed in on the matter.

Concealed carry across the country was a cornerstone of Donald J. Trump’s campaign. for the presidency . Should this pass the house and senate, he is going to sign it into law.  Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro  and Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross are against it. During the afternoon presser, they talked for about 20 minutes  about what they call the detriments of the law.  “For one, other states do not have the same qualifications as Pennsylvania . This allows people to come he to Pennsylvania with a gun, and that person is someone that we might not qualify to have a firearm”.Shapirio said.

To get a permit in Pa., you have to be 21 or over and have a clean background. The issuing authority must also feel that you are not likely to be dangerous or act against public safety.  Other states have training one must complete. Other states have nothing except an application. It is those state that have the commissioner and Attorney General  worried.  “Now we have to be able to validate permits in every state”, Commissioner Ross said.

Shapiro has written letters to congress members opposing this bill.  Under this bill, if you are arrested with a valid permit from Pennsylvania in Montana, you can sue the authorities there. Shapiro thinks this is detrimental to public safety.  While Shapiro is opposed to this bill,  many other state attorney generals are for it.  During the press conference, Shapiro did not want to discuss the decisions or thought processes of others who were for it. “I cannot comment on everything President Trump says.”

According to Shira Goodman, Executive Director of Cease Fire Pa, this bill could come up for a vote as early as tomorrow.