Emergency Management Officials warn against walking on frozen waterways

Dawn Altstatt Special to Delaware Valley News.com The Delaware River is not a place to walk on when it’s frozen.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

With the deep freeze we had it may look enticing to venture out on frozen ponds or even a patch on the Delaware River.  “That may very well be the last thing you do” said Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel.   The thing is the water may look strong enough to hold you but under neath,  it could give way in an instant,  trapping you in cold frigid water.

When that happens, your body is in shock and it is very difficult, if not impossible to grab onto the ice around you to pull yourself up. In fact,  that ice may give way as well just when you grab it.  Within five minutes you could be dead. You will have no motor function in your arm, legs and fingers.  Still, people think it’s cute to walk their dogs on frozen water, or throw a stick and watch their dog skid around trying to get it.

There are plenty of ice rinks around the area to skate on. Yes, they cost money but there is no danger of falling through as you skate  around. As temperatures rise next week,  frozen ponds, creeks and rivers become even more dangerous.