Male arrested for flipping car during Eagles celebration

Phila Police John Rigsby mugshot

UPDATED 2:30 pm  2/7/18

By Alex Lloyd Gross

20 year old John Rigsby of Monument Road in Malvern Pa, was arrested  after he took part in flipping over a 2017 SUV. He joined about seven other people on the 1400 block of Walnut Street and flipped over the vehicle causing damage to it.  This is another case of people coming from outside of the city to do damage and act in a riotous manner inside the city.

Rigsby is being charged with vandalism and other charges. It is unknown if he even knew the others that flipped over the vehicle. As usual, someone was videotaping the incident and posted it to social media. Within days of the incident, Rigsby found himself arrested and in jail.  It is unknown if he will be out in time for the parade.

Philadelphia Police are reviewing more and more video and identifying more people who were engaged in damaging property, during the night of the Eagles celebration win.  It was just learned that his father is Whitey Rigsby, the basketball announcer at Villanova University. The Jr. Rigsby has bailed out of jail  as of 2;00 PM and is being charged with riot charges also.