District Attorney Krasner drops felony charges against Gay Pride protester

Philadelphia Police Ryan Segin

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police arrested Ryan Segin at the Gay Pride Parade. for trying to burn an   Blue Line American Flag.  You can read that story here. Segin was seen pouring accelerate on a Thin Blue Line American Flag and then attempting to light it on fire.  Once arrested, Segin from New Jersey Avenue, in Woodbine NJ was found to have two road flares in her back pack.  Also found was a can of paint thinner and a blue lighter stick. There was no legitimate purpose for those items.

When Segin was arrested, she was charged with felony crimes. Late yesterday, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office announced they were dropping all but two misdemeanor crimes against Segin, in spite of police witnesses that saw her try to light the flag on fire  In a news release, Krasner’s office did not use Segin’s name or sex, but simply referred to her an “individual”.

Since the arrested and reporting of this incident,  many social media commentators have  called into question Ryan Segin’s sexual gender.  Segin has a right to march for or against gay rights. The alleged attempting to light a symbolic piece of cloth on fire could have injured multiple people who were there marching in unison with Segin. Since taking office Larry Krasner has dropped charges on serious cases, opting to go for a slap on the wrist.  Some crimes , like small amounts of marijuana for personal use should not be charged.  Many feel the burning of a flag is a crime and is not free speech.