Oktoberfest happens during Labor Day weekend at Canstatters

Alex Lloyd Gross photo- Delaware Valley News.com The staff at the Fire Place Grill shares a laugh as they serve food.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley News.com The Greater Kensington String band is behind this contest. Who can dress like a mummer first.

Usually, Oktoberfest is held in October.  Not in Northeast Philly. It’s going on now and runs until Labor Day.  The yearly even features beer, fine German and American food and more beer. Located at the corner of Academy and Holme Avenues. Parking is free.  It’s not all beer and food,  there are crafts and clothes too.  You can see them, as soon as you enter. Hand made pumpkin tree, beer steins,  are just some of the  items there. Everything is reasonably priced.

Inside a giant white tent is where people can eat, drink and be entertained.  The Greater Kensington String Band was there,  taking care of business. They had a content,  two people from the crowd were brought up and asked to change into mummers gear. The results were hilarious. Just past the tent is the Fire Place grill. It’s again run by Ernie Guildan . He has run this for decades, and every year, the food served at this place tops out everything else at Canstatters.

It’s not only beer. Bring kids, as Johnson’s Family Amusements are there with rides for kids of all ages.  This event runs until Labor Day, evening.