New Jersey gun law turns thousands of people, including cops, into criminals

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Effective December 10, 2018 it is now illegal in New Jersey to carry or transport a large capacity magazine  that is capable of holding 10 rounds or more, of ammunition anywhere in the State of New Jersey. This controversial bill also affects police officers in New Jersey.  Democrat Phil Murphy, the newly elected governor is anti gun and anti gun ownership. He has let this position be known.

The forefathers granted us the right to bear arms.That means to carry guns. In some areas of the country, there are what is called”nanny states”, which restrict the freedoms of citizens that other states give. That means if you are licensed to carry a gun in Pennsylvania, and you do so in New Jersey, you are a felon.  Getting a permit to carry a firearm in New Jersey is very difficult. This new law,  NJSA 2C39-3 makes it easier for police to turn ordinary citizens into criminals.

By having one of these magazines,  you are breaking the law. If caught, you  must go to court and when you are convicted, that turns you into a criminal who is not eligible to own any firearm, even in another state.  It is a proven fact that having the ability to carry a gun prevents crime.  By displaying signs that “Firearms not permitted” or “This home is firearm free” is a welcome invitation for intruders to break in and steal, rape or hold hostage the homeowner or ransack a  business with little resistance from any customers.

This law is going to be disobeyed by citizens who have had enough.  Many law enforcement officers will not be arresting people for this, knowing that this will ruin lives,  as long as the person is otherwise squared away, with no wants, warrants or criminal history. A similar law took effect in New York and was met with less than stellar results. in New Jersey, multiple county prosecutors have written letters advising police command staff in their area to let officers know this new law. One is attached to this article.

Criminals who are determined to do wrong are going to get guns.  They will not be deterred by a “magazine law”,  They will use firepower to barge into homes and businesses where they will rape and pillage at will.  The criminals in New Jersey know that they are committing their crime against an upstanding citizen, who will not break the law by having a gun or a high capacity magazine capable of defending themselves.