Verizon worker suspended for rescuing cat

Maurice German

By Alex Lloyd Gross

If you want to help your company, promote stories and workers rescuing animals in distress,. If you want to throw your company under the bus, you suspend that employee. That is what Verizon did to Maurice German who used a company boom truck to rescue a cat which was trapped on top a telephone police for 12 hours in Philadelphia. The pole was too high for anyone to climb.

There were calls to the Fire Department and also to other utilities all were of no help to Momma, the cat.  That is when German expertly positioned his truck and got down the petrified feline without incident.  As neighbors clapped, some recorded a video and put it on social media. That is when Verizon bosses saw the rescue and they were not amused. They promptly suspended German, and now the company is being trashed on social media. No amount of monetary donations to animal sanctuaries is going to help German and his family, as they struggle to pay for basic necessities. Many are calling this a poor move on the  part of the Verizon.

“We take no joy in this job action”, said company spokesman Rich Young.  A Go- FundMe page was set up to help German.  He is a regular blue collar worker and many feel this suspension is way too harsh.  Public pressure is only building on Verizon, which wishes this incident will go away.