Enhanced perimeter security at Citizens Bank Park

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley News.com construction at the stadium

Sports fans will be safer this baseball season when opening day comes around. Security bollards are being placed all around Citizens Bank Park. This procedure will protect fans when they arrive onto the property, from vehicles.  Huge posts spaced about two feet apart are being cemented into the ground. The project will be completed by opening day, Phillies Officials said.

It’s not only the off chance of a vehicle attack that this will offer protection from. Vehicles operated by drunk drivers or driven in a reckless manner can plow into crowds exiting or entering an event, which is more commonplace.  In the eight county area including Philadelphia,  emergency responders get called on an average every day for a vehicle that hit a building.  This proactive  approach is being used by more and more buildings in which large crowds congregate.  This includes government buildings like city hall and major shopping centers.