Phil Lewis brings LA Guns to Sellersville

By Alex Lloyd Gross

LA Guns have always been more than a  sleaze, rock band fromthe1980’s. Back when they opened tours for the likes of AC/DC, they were able to keep people on their feet and get called back for an encore.They were called upon to open for festivals and such.  Now they are over that. Every time they open or are put on a bill, they steal the show. , They are coming to the hSellersville Theater on April 8, 2019. “That’s why we don’t open shows any more. We don’t do festivals and we don’t do packages,   35-40 minute shows we can’t do anything with that, we’re just not interested in that, lead vocalist Phil  Lewis said during an interview to promote the show and the band’s new record “The Devil You Know”.

When asked about the show, how long the band might be onstage for, Lewis replied “As long as it takes”  Hopefully it takes three hours.  LA guns took a break from each other and only recently got back together.  “We had not talked to each other for something like 15 years.  Tracii was booked to play a  charity event and the promoter of the event called me and told me that Tracii was playing.He asked me if I wouldn’t mind getting up and playing a few songs. We did not even do a soundcheck. I just showed up like 10minutes before I was needed. We played “Over The Edge”.. When the song ended I realized I don’t feel like this when I play with anyone else.. It’s not the same with anyone else.

When you go to the show keep in mind you are seeing the only version of LA Guns playing.  Phil is upset that Steven Riley has taken part ownership of the LA Guns name. “M-3 called us and asked us to play and it was not possible. We were not in the area and could not make it to the show so we declined. Then old man Riley agreed to do something, before realizing that he could not do it. They have no singer, for Christ’s sake. He’s going to make himself look like a joke”,Lewis said. He is angry about this because fans might not know it’s not them and will be disappointing. .

The real LA Guns is going to cram as much classic material and deep cuts into their show as they can. They also will be playing deep cuts.  On their website, you can order the new CD and even get a pre show meet and greet with the band.