Here Is How Each Council Member Voted On the Soda Tax

Alex Lloyd Gross

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The Sweetened Beverage Tax has become a hot topic for many people in an around the Philadelphia area.  This primary season, many people are running for council and also the office of Mayor.   Mayor Kenny , obviously voted for it. Everyone wanting to unseat him has come out against it.

When you go into the voting booth, you can cast your vote accordingly.  If you support the tax, you can vote them right back in.  If you are opposed to it, you can toss them out of office. Print out this list and be informed. Election Day is Tuesday May 21 2019

President Darrell Clarke  Voted for it. Now he is annoyed when pressed on the issue.

Bobby Henon, Now under Indictment reps part of the Northeast, and Port Richmond.  Voted for it. Indicted and the soda tax support is part of this indictment.

Mark Squilla  Society Hill, Center city- voted  for the tax

Kenyatta Johnson reps Greys Ferry,  and south Philly west of Broad Street voted for the tax

Jannie Blackwell reps west and southwest Philly  she voted for of the tax

Brian Oniell   Reps parts of the Northeast voted against it.

Curtis Jones  West Philly and Overbrook  voted for the tax

Marie Quinones Sanches- Frankford, Kensington – voted NO aganst tax

Cindy Bass- Germantown, North Philly  Voted for the tax

Cherelle Parker- North and Northwest Philadelphia  voted for the tax

Blondell Reynolds Brown ( At Large)  voted for the tax

Allan Domb ( At Large)  voted for the tax

Dereck Green  ( At Large) voted for the tax

Bill Greenlee ( At Large) voted for the tax

Helen Gym ( At Large) voted for the tax

David Oh  ( At Large)  voted NO against the tax

Al Taubenberger ( At Large)  voted No  against the tax

Brian Oneill  Northeast  voted NO, against the tax