Two Vehicle Crash on Roosevelt Boulevard

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley The driver of the flipped car is tended to by medics.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

A two vehicle crash on the 12000 block of the Roosevelt Blvd is being blamed on driver inattentiveness.  The crash happened yesterday afternoon ( May 17, 2019) about 2:30 PM. Police said both vehicles were north in the outer lanes  just past Woodhaven Road. That is when, according to Paul Petaccio, the driver of a black car that was struck, the other car “Came up real fast and close, then it slammed into the rear of my car”.   His vehicle was pushed to the side of the road while the striking driver’s vehicle flipped onto it’s roof. He made allegations that the other driver was on her phone at the time of the accident.

No vehicle had any passengers in it.  The other driver was pulled out of her vehicle, which could have caused more injury than if  she was removed by paramedics.  The driver was sitting on the outermost curb, moving her head, which is something that should not be done.   Petaccio received minor injuries and did not go to the hospital. The northbound lanes of the Roosevelt Boulevard were closed for about an hour, while the patient was tended to and the wreckage cleared.