Man Rescued From Flooded Roadway by Firefighters

Emergency News Network- A man stalled after driving through almost three feet of water.

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Never drive through deep water. A man found that out tonight when he tried to navigate a work van through almost 3 feet of water on Green lane near Route 13 in Bristol Borough, just after 5:00 PM August 7, 2019. The man was not hurt. His vehicle stalled out and he could not get out or needed help getting out of his vehicle and called 911. When the fire department arrived, the man walked out, holding onto the turn out coat of the firefighter, as the firefighter guided him.   The driver was not hurt. . His vehicle will have to be towed out and that will cost him or his company a hefty tow fee.


If firefighters, or fire police have the road blocked and you drive around, you will face fines if $500.00 plus any emergency rescue costs and the cost of the tow,. It may seem a short distance of half a block to your destination, but that half a block could wind up costing you thousands.