Cops: ‘Let Go News’ Fraud, Woman Throws Bottle Shattering Glass, and More!

Digital Staff:

The following is provided by the Morrisville Police Department covering September 19 to September 30, 2019

Arrest/Forgery/Recv Stolen Property  –  09/19/19 @ 12:57  –  Steven Mullings, age 27, was arrested on a Morrisville Warrant for Forgery/Receiving Stolen Property.  Incident occurred on 800 block W. Trenton Ave.  A Warrant for Marc Singleton, age 22, is still outstanding for this same crime.

Arrest/Disorderly–  09/23/19 @ 14:00  –  Three female juveniles, ages 14, 15 & 17, were cited for Disorderly Conduct.  Incident occurred at Morrisville High School.

Theft/Retail –  09/24/19 @ 10:50  –  Report of black male, with purple backpack, stole multiple items worth $25.00 in value, and left store.  Incident occurred at Dollar Tree in Morrisville Shopping Center.

Theft  –  09/24/19 @ 17:59  –  Report of green mini bike with stickers on tank and a silver moped with back torn off, stolen from under tarp in yard on 200 block Anderson Ave.  Value $200.00

Burglary Warrant Issued  –  09/25/19 @ 08:13  –  Warrant has been issued for Thomas R. Fritsch, age 33,  for Burglary that occurred on 9/23/19 @ 20:28 on unit block Washington St.

Arrest/Harassment  -09/25/19 @ 16:11  –  Two female juveniles, one 14 and the other 15 years of age, were cited for Harassment that occurred on 500 block Osborne Ave.

Burglary –  09/25/19 @ 17:08 –  Report of forced entry made into residence on 800 block S. Pennsylvania Ave.  Owner found side window smashed as point of entry.  Jewelry and cash reported stolen.  Total value $1,800.00.

Arrest/Assault  –  09/26/19 @ 12:06  –  Michael Racelis, age 39, was arrested for Assault that occurred on 9/24/19 @ 19:34 on Lenora Ave.  An Arrest Warrant is still outstanding for Faith Fox, age 34, for the same Assault.

Fraud  –  09/26/19 @ 16:29  –  Report of $600.00 in counterfeit money used to purchase an IPhone X Max that was being sold through “The Let Go News”.  Victim agreed to meet suspect at the Mill Pond Shopping Center to complete the transaction.  When the money and phone were exchange, the suspect quickly left in silver Chevrolet Impala with a NJ license plate.

Arrest/Warrant  –  09/27/19 @ 08:00  –  James W. Waters, III, age 55, was arrested on a Warrant from Bucks County Sheriff’s Office for Probation Violation.  Incident occurred at 35 Union St.

Theft/Retail  –  09/27/19 @ 14:39  –  Report of suspect, described as a black male wearing a dark jacket, blue pants & baseball hat, enter 7-11 in Mill Pond Shopping Center, and place an entire shelf of refrigerated drinks in his jacket.  He left on a bicycle in an unknown direction.  Value $80.00

Arrest/Criminal Mischief   –  09/28/19 @ 11:19  –  Rosalind T. Bethea, age 41, was cited for Criminal Mischief after throwing a bottle through a front glass door and causing the glass to shatter.  Incident occurred on 300 block Stockham Ave.

Assault  –  09/28/19 @ 14:56  –  Report of an assault that took place between two female teenagers.  Incident occurred on 300 block Stockham Ave.

Arrest/Dog Laws  –  09/29/19 @ 12:30  – Sean M. Clendaniel, age 30, was cited for Dog Ordinance Laws.  Incident occurred on 100 block W. Maple Ave.