Don’t Make Grocery Workers Jobs Harder

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo- Delaware Valley Gloves sit on the ground outside a local Giant store.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Grocery store workers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and many people do not appreciate their efforts. That is evidenced by the countless discarded gloves and sanitized wipes tossed onto the ground of supermarket and convenience store  parting lots.

Someone  puts on gloves, or wipes down a cart or basket, then completes their shopping trip.  As they near their car,  a few discard them by throwing them on the ground.   After all, the gloves or sanitized wipe has served it’;s purpose.  The problem is someone has to clean up that mess.  Grocery clerks  have enough to do without picking up after people.

Dawn Altstatt- Photo- Special To Delaware Valley A convenience store parking lot.

If they cannot get to the trash in time, it gets washed down the sewer. and washed right into the river.  Where do we get our drinking water from?   Filtration systems will certainly stop the glove itself but the contaminants on it will affect fish and there is a small chance they could make it into the water supply. You should carry a small bag in your vehicle for trash and dispose of that trash bag the proper way.

When a grocery worker is out picking up gloves and other trash , they are taken away from other jobs, like sanitizing carts and cleaning. Parking lot cleaning contractors can only do so much. Often times these gloves are tossed where they do not clean.