Four Thieves Wanted By Bensalem Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

March 30, 2020,  at 2:30 AM,  most people were in bed,  at home where they belong. No one was on the streets except essential workers, due to the quarantine, except these four individuals, who are accused of breaking into the East Coast Cycle Center  on the 2600 block of Route 13 in Bensalem.  This business has been the victim of attempted burglaries in the past. Most of the time, the perps are caught.  this time, they were caught on camera, which is going to lead to them getting caught.


They arrive in a stolen white van with yellow light  bar on the roof. That van has been recovered and has been processed by detectives. If you see the van on the street, chances are it is operated by it’s legitimate owner.   Watch this video See if you know anyone in it, then call (215) 633-3719. On the video, the thieves target two red and white bikes.  If you know where they are, police want to hear from you as well.