Motorcycle Rider Killed in Middletown Crash

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo -Delaware Valley Police investigate the crash scene

by Alex Lloyd Gross

A man driving a motorcycle was killed  when his motorcycle was involved in a crash on the 600 block of East Lincoln Highway In Middletown Bucks County Pa. today, May 13, 2020..  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The crash happened about 11:45 AM  when the bike was traveling towards Penndel and a car was traveling the opposite way. Police said that car’s driver attempted a left turn into a dog groomer when the crash happened. The woman was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in serious condition.  Road evidence, including skid marks indicate a high speed from the motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle was thrown from his boots, which were at the scene.

Traffic is pushed into one lane in each direction around the crash. Motorists driving through are urged to use caution in the area. This story will be updated with more information.


Alex Lloyd Gross
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10 thoughts on “Motorcycle Rider Killed in Middletown Crash

  1. This person made a left turn in front of oncoming traffic now my friend list his life cause your dog needed to get groomed I really hope that the dogs haircut was worth it cause now my friend will never see his daughter and all of us will never see him again I hope you feel really good this is your fault

    1. I’m SO sorry Jason. My daughter knows him too. I wish somehow I could ease all of your pain. This is the SECOND time someone “making a left” has taken a friend from us. And it’s the second time we see the write up where it pushes the opinion that it was the bikers fault! EVERYONE knows NOBODY does the actual speed limit thru there so why state he was at a high rate of speed? Does that justify the fact that she killed him? NO IT DOES NOT! They can’t tell how fast he was actually going but WE ALL know he wasn’t blasting up the road being an idiot! And the shoe comment? That had NOTHING to say about his speed! It only shows he wore his boots loose so they didn’t pinch! It didn’t need to be added. This is the SECOND TIME someone we know was hit by someone else making a left and NOT PAYING ATTENTION! The first person we know is laying in a semi vegetative state now. He is NEVER coming out of the “rehab center” as they like to call it! HE was SITTING STILL waiting for a light when someone made a left and crushed his helmet she hit him so hard. Witnesses even stated he wasn’t moving and they still found him at fault because he couldn’t and never will be able to tell his side! And the write up was similar pointing fault to him too before the investigation was even over. IT’S SICK!
      She needs to be CHARGED with Vehicular Manslaughter for this! She needs to have time taken from HER life for taking ALL of his! The police need to DO THEIR PAPERWORK and CHARGE HER so that she does time! His daughter deserves to know the person that killed her daddy got punished for it! And these little “write ups” need to STOP trying to sway the blame of the accidents onto the biker! Doesn’t seem like they really care that people like us who know him have to read detrimental little phrases like that while hearts are shattered! Isn’t it STRANGE they NEVER say “A biker was killed today when a driver making a left into oncoming traffic hit him taking his life .” We’ll never see that. This write up makes me angry. It’s not fair to him or anyone that truly KNOWS who he was! Again Jason, I’m truly sorry your heart is hurting along with many others. As I told my daughter, you won’t have him physically anymore, but he’ll only be truly gone when he’s no longer remembered. Hold him tight in your heart love. Every now and then he’ll pop in and say hello thru a memory. Sending love and light your way ❤

    2. “Road evidence, including skid marks indicate a high speed from the motorcycle.” Looks like both parties might have been in a hurry.

      Still, car shouldn’t have been making a left across double yellow lines. And that location is near the crest of the hill before the road drops down to I95. Would have been hard for either party to see each other until late.

    3. I agree, why didn’t she wait till it was clear or move faster. Now our kenny is gone. Im missing him so much.

  2. I feel so bad that the motorcycle rider lost his life, and I will say a prayer for his family. But I feel compelled to say this. My friend has a shop right up the street from where the accident happen and I’m there a lot, and I’ve seen that motorcycle more than on one occasion flying past his shop and the reason I noticed it was because I ride. So I notice all the motorcycles that go by, and I would say to my friend that , that boy is crazy for going that fast along this road because if someone pulls out in front of him he would never be able to stop. And unfortunately that is exactly what happen. I walked up and saw the accident and my heart dropped when I saw the bike I knew it was the bike I always saw speeding up the road. So so sorry for all involved !!!!

  3. Kenny was like a son to me and a brother to my son so I’m grieving big time. My prayers go out to all his friends and family!

  4. Kenny was such a caring person, not a day goes by that I dont feel the pain. He was a biker and knew how to ride but this time GOD took him. Its not fair and I’m do mad and angry, why didn’t she wait till the lanes were clear? He couldn’t of seen her before cause it is a lil hill so he couldn’t of stopped but tried. But she is at fault too. All I can say is kenny I miss and love you and all I have are memories and tears. I miss you so much.

  5. Kenny been my man since i was 17. 23 yrs and was there when ever i needed him. Even if that man had to come all the way to the poconos to see me or get me outta sum shit. I’ll always remember kenny

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